Toddler Easter Basket Ideas on a Budget

It’s so easy to toss together a super cute sensory toddler easter basket, all with items found at dollar tree!

Toddler Easter Basket from Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is the perfect destination to craft a super cute Toddler Easter Basket on a budget!

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed in dollar tree sometimes? There is SO much, and it was tough deciding what would go in each basket. Hopefully this guide will help you narrow down what you put in your toddler easter basket.

I threw together three easter baskets for ages 2.5, 5, and 7 all with super cute finds from Dollar Tree! I love putting together sensory craft kits for my little guy and my nieces.

Here are some of my favorite parts.

Toddler Easter Basket from Dollar Tree

Start with a Cute Container for your Toddler Easter Basket

I found these bunny baskets, two pink ears for the girls and one blue ears for my son. The baskets were $1 each.

This is the first time Q was seeing his cousins after months apart! I was excited to put together these little activity kits that they can enjoy across all their ages. Make sure to check out the pictures of them playing together at the end! Sensory play is truly ageless.

Toddler Easter Basket from Dollar Tree

How I Got All Three for $19:

  • Baskets: $1 Each (Total $3)
  • Bunny Bags $1 for 4 (Total $1)
  • Bunny Tins $1 Each (Total $3)
  • Craft $1 Each (Total $3)
  • Easter Egg Filled with Bunny Erasers $1 for 3 eggs, $1 for 8 erasers x2 (Total $3)
  • Container for Rice $1 Each (Total $3)
  • Cookie Cutters $1 for 4 pack (Total $3)

    Total $19, about $6 each!
Additional items needed if you don’t have at home, I reused materials we had been using.

Play Dough – you can pick up what you need for my recipe here, or buy premade at Dollar Tree for $1 each.

Rice – You can pick up a 2lb bag at Dollar Tree for $1

Food Coloring – You can pick up gel or liquid from really any food store

Pasta – You can pick up a box at dollar tree for $1

Paint – You can pick up some from dollar tree for $1

Beans- You can pick up a bag of white and pinto from dollar tree for $1 each

Toddler Easter Basket from Dollar Tree

Play Dough Tins – So Cute for your Toddlers Easter Basket!

I used my play dough recipe to quickly make some play dough for the tins. I kept the colors pastel by using just a little bit of food coloring. This play dough is perfect for the cookie cutters that are in the basket.

Toddler Easter Basket from Dollar Tree

Dyed Rice – A Favorite Around Here!

Not only is it just regular dyed rice, it’s pastel of course! I got these plastic jars from dollar tree and filled it up with our pastel rainbow rice that Q and I have played with the other day. I feel like rice is the perfect base for small world play and sensory play.

The little bunny bags I stuffed with pastel pastel and pasta beans, perfect for decorating play dough butterflies, flowers, and easter eggs.

My little hack here was the set of 4 cookie cutters came with a heart, butterfly, flower, and circle. So I just gently bent the circle into an egg shape!

Toddler Easter Basket from Dollar Tree

All Packaged Up – How Cute Did This Toddler Easter Basket Come Out?!

Can you believe they were about $6 each?? The best part, the kids all loved them and played together. That’s the beauty of sensory play – bringing kids together of all ages. Play dough and sensory materials are ageless!

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