Prime Day Finds for Toddlers and Preschoolers 2021

This post includes affiliate links. Prime Day 2021 is here! I went ahead and compiled our toy and sensory must haves that are all discounted today and tomorrow! All imagery is from

On The Go

Reusable Stickers

We’re obsessed with these reusable Melissa and Doug Stickers. They’ve come on every trip with us.

Mess Free Painting

Another on the go must have. These easily get tossed in my purse, are great on long car rides and airplanes.

A Potty Training Must Have

Excited about this travel potty that can fit easily in my on the go bag!

Keep Little Fingers Busy

We love learning resources, this is a great resource to keep little fingers busy in the car and on the go.

Car Ride Must Have

Q loves this fidget toy for in the car, we don’t leave without it!

Our Favorite Puzzles

A Colorful Puzzle

Q loves puzzles like these, we always have one out on his shelves.

For The Animal Lover

Q can’t get enough animals and these are perfect beginner puzzles.

These Quickly Became Q’s Favorite Puzzles Ever!

We have the construction set and I snagged this one for his 3rd birthday.

A Perfect 2nd Birthday Gift

Q was all about hiding. and finding at age 2 and this was a great present from his great grandma. We still play with it all the time.

The Best Way to Learn Letters

I can rave enough about letter puzzles like this one.

Our Favorite Playroom Resources

The Best For Practical Life

Q absolutely loves to help out around the house and this is his favorite way to.

Making Music

The love for music is strong around here, this is a perfect set that he loved as young as 1 year.

Dr. Q

How perfect for a little guy who loves the doctor! This kit is so great for pretend play.

Gross Motor Play

Gross motor play is just as important as fine motor and this resource is great for both.

One of Q’s All Time Favorites

I can’t rave enough about this one. I got for his 1st birthday and he’s played with it daily since.

Our Favorite Sensory Play and Fine Motor Resources

Fine Motor Fun

How fun is this to work on tong practice.

Sensory Tools

This is a great kit for starting sensory play.

Water Play Is Our Favorite

Learn to squeeze the dropper and have fun with open ended play with these great droppers.

Lacing Play

Toddler love to lace, this is a great car activity too.

For the Little Builder

This is a perfect 3rd birthday gift, Q is going to love it.

Scissor Practice

Q is 2.5 and we’ve been using this set almost daily- he loves to cut!

Our All Time Favorite Toys

A Toy That Spans the Ages

From. 1year to almost 3, Q loves this one!

For The Truck Obsessed

This toy gets played with every single day.

For The Train Obsessed

Building up and down, this is another toy that Q takes out every day.

Perfect 3rd Birthday Gift

Q is going to love this for his birthday!

Great Trucks for Sensory Play

These are perfect for little hands.

For the 1 Year Old

The best present Q got for his birthday!

Open Ended Play

We love our train set for open ended play!

A Toy That Will Amaze Your 2 Yo

It was love at first choo choo.

The Best Water and Beach Toy

An instant favorite that can be played with anywhere.

For The Garden Enthusiast

A great way to involve little ones in the garden.

Favorite Toys for Under 2

For The Music Lover

We love this drum.

For The Stacking Obsessed

Your little one will love this!

Constant Entertainment

Q would stack these up and off over and over again.


My Favorite Way to Store Loose Parts

Love these containers.

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