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80+ Sensory Bin Play Ideas for the Ikea Flisat Table!

This has been a post in the making, nearly 90 sensory bin play ideas for your Ikea Flisat table to try with you kids. Spanning a range of holidays, themes, and seasons it’s one giant post to reference back to time and time again!

We snagged our sensory table in September on a completely random day I popped into Ikea. I had settled on never finding one and went in for a completely different reason and there it was – i brought it home and water proofed it, shown here, and then started the daily play.

We already had a play table at home, and we live in a cozy cape style cottage and I was hesitant about having another play table in the house, but it was worth every penny- we play here every single day!

For reference my son is 3.5 years old. Please adjust play according to child’s age and always directly supervise. Below you’ll find our favorite ideas so far, have fun and give me a shout out on Instagram or Tik Tok @livethescottcottage if you give one of them a try!

Spring Funnel Play

This activity became an instant favorite. Here’s the tutorial on how i made it!

I used a $1 funnel 3 pack from the dollar tree, paper towel rolls, and cardboard to make our own pouring play.

DIY Dyed Rice Recipe is here.

Spring Fine Motor Flower Vase Ikea Flisat Insert

Have wilting flowers? Make this super easy posting board your little one will love!

Q loved poking the flowers in and picking them back out. It was great work on hand eye coordination and problem solving as all the holes were different sizes.

Plant-a-flower Sensory Bin

This was an instant favorite, all with dollar store items, here’s everything that’s included!

How fun are these dollar store flowers. I picked up a few bouquets and took the flowers off, placed the flowers in one bin and the leaves in another. Then i ground up some stale cereal and made dirt – he played here for an hour!

Spring Caterpillar Pom Pom Push Ikea Flisat Insert

This insert was so easy to make! Just painted on caterpillars and cut out some holes to push pom poms into! Count while playing and call out the colors they’re pushing through. Great for fine motor skills.

Rainbow Butterflies Sensory Play

Can’t go wrong with this rainbow pasta and these green chickpeas. Check out other ideas here for “grass” in your bins!

Buzzing Bee Hive Count Ikea Flisat Insert

Here’s how i made this hive. I turned it from an activity into a flisat insert!

I paired with air dry clay bees I made and Q loved it.

Easter Color Match

One of the easiest inserts to make with a $1 egg cup pack from the dollar store. Here’s how you make it.

I paired with easter grass from Target and eggs from the dollar store.

Over and Under the Garden Sensory Bin

We loved this one. See a closer look at the under side of this insert I made with grass and cardboard!

Felt vegetables were from Target!

Little gardening tools michaels.

Egg Carton Carrot Picking Fine Motor Sensory Play

All you need is an egg carton for this one! The carrots are DIY too using my air dry clay. The recipe is here.

Name Recognition Play

I did this with a St. Patrick’s Day twist – you can do with cups instead of the cauldrons!

Use packing tape to wipe dry erase letters clean. This is also a great counting activity.

St. Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Truck Ikea Flisat Play

We snagged this truck at the dollar store and painted it together. I paired with these picks from hobby lobby and Q loved filling the truck with clovers.

Fill The Pot Sensory Play

One of the easiest inserts to make with $1 Cauldrons from the dollar store! We paired with pluffle and Q loved filling and pouring into the pots.

Easy St. Patrick’s Day DIY Sensory Play Insert

Here’s how i made this one! All items from dollar tree. Paired with my hand painted pasta and gold coins this is a perfect pouring activity.

Shamrock Pour Play

I see these decorations at the dollar store all the time and never know what to do with them so I decided to turn into an insert! Paired with vase filler from hobby lobby and pasta from my shop was so easy!

Coin Drop and Count Early Math Sensory Bin

This is going down as a favorite. I picked up this sign from the dollar store and used a very sharp box cutter to cut into it to make a slot. I colored a rainbow onto paper covering cardboard and made this coin drop.

With packing tape I would write on the amount of coins for Q to count into the pot of gold!

Green Sensory Play

Nothing beats a mixed media bin for Q – he always loves the textures and this to him became a whole “cooking: set up – mixed bins are perfect for imaginative play.

Taste Safe Beach Sensory Play

Ready for our daily go to? Here’s how we made it. Could you guess the foam is from chickpea liquid?

We like to pair this with out toob animals!

Shell Sensory Play

Play dough, sand and shells this just screams the summer ( and we cannot wait! ). More beach ideas here!

Hot Chocolate Sensory Idea

Okay this was another favorite.

We used merengues from Trader Joes, crushed up cookies, and my dyed pasta and these cups are from the dollar store. So easy and fun!

Dollar Store Sensory Bin

Just a constant reminder sensory play doesn’t have to be expensive! Grab some kitchen tools from the dollar store or your kitchen, set out with rice and have fun!

Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Truck Sensory Bin

Here’s another DIY insert using a dollar store truck we painted together. How fun is this road tape too!

Heart picks were from hobby lobby.

Dyed Rice Sensory Play

Rice was one of the first sensory materials we played with when Q was 17 months old. I remember taking to the internet and not knowing where to start. So after trial and error this is my favorite way.

DIY Window Cling Board Ikea Flisat Insert

Cover a piece of cardboard in paper, then cover with packing tape. A fun new way to use window clings!

DIY Cupcake Sensory Bin

Have your tried Pluffle? It’s the coolest texture! Here’s how this bin came together.

Foam Hearts Ikea Flisat Sensory Bin

How fun is this filler I found at Michaels! I tossed in some ducks, vase filler, rice, and that’s it! A set up like this took just a few minutes.

Frozen Sensory Play

We froze some pasta we had played with and Q had so much fun unfreezing it. This was wonderful messy play.

Taste Safe Water Beads Sensory Bin

These will always go down as a win in our house. We haven’t used real water beads since! I got a bit tired of chasing them all over the house!

Dyed Chickpeas Sensory Bin

Here’s how you dye them. Quickly use cookie cutters to make a design and have fun!

DIY Salt Dough Loose Parts

We love salt dough! The pieces are always super sturdy and we can paint them together.

Pasta & Play Dough Sensory Play

This was my valentine’s day pasta kit from my etsy shop. One of Q’s favorite ways to play with pasta is sticking it into play dough.

Taste Safe Construction Site Sensory Bin

Here’s an easy one! Just grind up some cereal and leave some whole. Q played with this one for days!

Frozen Snow Play Sensory Bin

My mom hack is freeze everything! Done with play? Add water and freeze into something fun! We love baking moulds.

Scratch Off Letter Sensory Play

I was excited to find scratch off stickers at the dollar store! I used them in this learning through play insert I made.

Ice Cream Play Dough Sensory Bin

This recipe i created is my favorite ever. A must try!

Necklace Making Sensory Bin

Hand painted pasta and string make for the most fun fine motor play!

Red Mixed Media Sensory Bin

Have your little one make this with you adding any materials they’d like!

Younger Toddler Sensory Bin

Have a younger toddler? My favorite bin filler is cut up pool noodles.

Painted Pasta Sensory Bin

It’s no secret how much we love including pasta in play. Here’s how you can dye it yourself.

DIY Love Ikea Flisat Insert

Adorable felt envelopes and an easy insert? That simple!

Petal Rice Sensory Bin

One of my favorite ways to use wilting flowers is to turn it into petal rice. Here’s how to make it.

Pirate Play Sensory Bin

Does your little one love pirates? We do pirate play for every theme. This was white sand on one side and blue pasta from my shop on the other.

Soup Sensory Bin

Q could make soup every single day.

DIY Corn Kernels Sensory Bin

Another easy recipe to make your own filler!

DIY Matching Ikea Flisat Insert

Q loves puzzles and here’s how to make your own with a gift bag.

Party Play Sensory Bin

They’ll love this one, trust me!

Hanukkah Sensory Bin

Pasta and loose parts make for such fun open ended play.

Fine Motor Christmas Tree Ikea Flisat Insert

Snagged bulb necklaces at dollar store and made them into a fine motor activity!

Decorate A Tree Ikea Flisat Insert

We love loose parts and pluffle, paired with a tree painted onto cardboard for easy christmas sensory play.

Chickpea Trees Sensory Play

Chickpeas are one of Qs favorite sensory fillers – they’re something so fun about the texture of them!

Pasta Light Patterns Sensory Bin

I dyed this rainbow pasta and we practiced patterns by sticking into play dough.

Christmas Chickpeas Sensory Bin

  • painted chickpeas
  • pasta
  • scoops

Light Bulb Fill Sensory Bin

These bulbs from the dollar store were a hit all season long.

  • painted pasta
  • large bulbs

Snowy World Sensory Bin

We love small world play around here!

  • painted pasta
  • small world figures

Christmas Soup Sensory Bin

A classic and it smells so good!

  • oranges
  • cranberries
  • bubbling botanicals

Beans Sensory Bin

  • various beans
  • various bowls
  • candy cane scoops

Christmas Soup Sensory Bin

Use dyed rice to color the water!

Winter Play Sensory Bin

Easy as

  • dyed chickpeas
  • dyed pasta
  • wood loose parts from the dollar store

DIY Snow Sensory Bin

This is my snow recipe! such a fun way to make it and it’s taste safe.

Counting Ikea Flisat Insert

Loose parts and cardboard, that easy!

Pumpkin Science Sensory Bin

Cut open some pumpkins and add baking soda and have your little one pour in vinegar.

Science kit

Apple Tree Sensory Bin

  • dyed pasta
  • cardboard & egg carton to make the tree
  • counting coins

Fine Motor Tree Ikea Flisat Insert

  • craft

    Fall Chickpeas Sensory Bin

    Ombre chickpeas and loose parts- can’t go wrong with that!

    Halloween Pasta Sensory Bin

    This was my halloween pasta kit! It sold out so quickly and I’ve loved seeing parents all over the country play with it. I love to set out pasta with some loose parts.

    DIY Fall Insert Sensory Bin

    Mom hack – use cookie cutters to trace shapes to cut out !

    Fall Little Blue Truck Sensory Bin

    Here’s the fall version of my famous truck fine motor play!

    Fall Corn Counting with Play Dough Sensory Bin

    This is amazing for fine motor skills. Have your little one push corn kernels into the play dough corns that correspond to the numbers!

    Fall Farm Sensory Bin

    I will always love fall sensory play the most- a blend of dyed pasta and cute farm details make for the most fun play. These little apples I hand painted from dollar tree!

    Fall Leaves Sensory Bin

    I dyed a variety of shapes of pasta to make some “fall leaves” we used these all season long!

    Fall Pasta and Play Dough Sensory Bin

    This was my fall pasta kit that sold out in minutes! Paired with play dough is always a good idea!

    Spooky Halloween Sensory Bin

    I loved these bright details from Target bullseye spot so much I dyed pasta to match them!

    Mummy Fingers Sensory Bin

    How fun are these fingers from the dollar spot? I tossed in with some painted pasta and covered with spider webs and we counted each set of monster fingers we found.

    Grave Dig Sensory Bin

    Here’s how this one came together!

    Acorn Soup Sensory Bin

    We went to a bbq at my friends house and i left with a trash bag full of acorns- they have an insane amount in their backyard- I cleaned them when I got home and we used them to make acorn soup.

    Candy Corn Sensory Bin

    Air dry clay candy corn paird with real candy corn, painted pasta, and black beans.

    Farm Play Sensory Bin

    • Animal peg dolls
    • bales of hay from dollar store
    • naturally dyed pasta

    Sugar Skull Sensory Bin

    Using my best selling rainbow pasta kit we pushed pasta into air dry clay to make faces!