80+ Sensory Bin Play Ideas for the Ikea Flisat Table!

This has been a post in the making, nearly 90 sensory bin play ideas for your Ikea Flisat table to try with you kids. Spanning a range of holidays, themes, and seasons it’s one giant post to reference back to time and time again! We snagged our sensory table in September on a completely randomContinue reading “80+ Sensory Bin Play Ideas for the Ikea Flisat Table!”

Toddler Sensory Play Inserts for the IKEA Flisat Table | Review & Ideas

I popped into IKEA on my way home from New York City last week – I see it every time I drive up the turnpike and every time I’m like – I should stop in. For what though? Well the famous sensory Flisat table of course! I’ve been eyeing this table for probably 2 yearsContinue reading “Toddler Sensory Play Inserts for the IKEA Flisat Table | Review & Ideas”

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Easy and Beautiful DIY Easter Decor

This blog post includes affiliate links. How Fun is This DIY Easter Decor?! I absolutely love this baking soda and cornstarch clay. It takes just minutes to make and has the most wonderful texture! We use it as play clay, like a play dough, and then it turns into stunning crafts and DIY Easter decorContinue reading “Easy and Beautiful DIY Easter Decor”

Easter Craft – Recycled Mosaic Painted Eggs

Let’s kick off spring with an Easter craft! This is the easiest easter craft to set up and crazy engaging for little ones! I’m constantly feeling inspired by recycling. I constantly feel like my husband is reminding me to clear out my stock pile in the basement – but it’s all SO GOOD! A newContinue reading “Easter Craft – Recycled Mosaic Painted Eggs”

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22 Craft Ideas With Air Dry Clay.

So much of our sensory play started with this clay. Something I had whipped up in the kitchen and presented to Quinn when he was 17mo and it’s been our lockdown savior! It’s the texture, how it feels in our hands, the bright white of it! Purely magical. Honestly, looking back through our images toContinue reading “22 Craft Ideas With Air Dry Clay.”

The Year of 3 Thanksgivings.

2019, The year of 3 Thanksgivings Why Three? Why not?! Typically we do Thanksgiving x2, One at our home with my family from North Jersey and one in Philadelphia with his family. This year, with Q being 1 and having a few new friends in the area his age we threw a Friendsgiving into theContinue reading “The Year of 3 Thanksgivings.”

DIY Christmas Tree Farm Family Pictures

Tis the season! Grab something plaid, your camera, and an axe of course. Where are we headed? It’s time to choose that family christmas tree! … Or be like us and just go for the pictures!