Farmhouse Girls Weekend

TJ & Q

“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.”


I was fortunate enough to make some amazing friends through college. I like to say fate had to do with meeting my husband, and fate must have come into play with meeting my friend Lizzie. Our bond was instantaneous, she is one of the kindest, loving, most selfless people I have ever met and some of my fondest college memories are with her, even just spending but one semester together and after that being hours apart from one another. I felt so lucky to have met a friend that I knew would be forever. I admire her selflessness and endless hard work to become a nurse and now with the state of world I admire her dedication and selflessness to be on the front lines. In case you can’t tell, I simply love this woman.

March 2018 while we caught up she shared a photo of a positive pregnancy test that literally made me yell our loud, i couldn’t even type the words fast enough that I was pregnant TOO. The conversation became the first of hundreds as we got to experience pregnancy together being due a little over a week apart from one another. We bonded through the ups, the downs, the fears, the excitement, the anticipation, found out we were both expecting boys, and after we welcomed our boys into the world, we bonded through the endless sleepless nights and the most common question being a new mom “am I doing this right?!”.

Now, these baby boys were to be friends whether they knew this or not! Being hours away we couldn’t just hop in a car and go to one another, so we made a plan.

So began the search to find a meeting point between us both.

This was when we found the most adorable two bedroom home on a farm out in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania on AirBNB. On a sunny June day I packed up Quinn & endless amounts of baby things and Lizzie packed up TJ & endless amounts of baby things and we headed to the farmhouse.

Every detail of this home was perfection, it was a perfect setting for a relaxing night together with the babies to introduce them to each other!

How many trips back and forth to the car to load in for a 1 night overnight with a baby?

The answer is… endless.

I feel like as many times as I’ve packed up Q for overnights, before he was 12 months old he still needed SO much stuff! I had a going list on my phone but still would forget things.

I always try to remind myself of the basics of absolute needs.

Baby Overnight Essentials!

First feeding essentials, Formula and bottles (with all the parts – one time on an outing i seriously forgot a bottle nipple and had to go back home – whoops)

Baby purees, spoons, bibs, since at that point he was eating some various purees along with the formulas! PUFFS – all the puffs.

Diapering: Diapers, Wipes, Diaper Cream

Sleeping: PJs with 2 backups, overnight diapers, sleepsack

Clothes: 5 maybe 6 Outfits – packing clothes for him is where I struggle the most. Will he be hot? Will he be cold? Will he spit up / poop through something? I always like to have more then enough back ups! I learned this the hard way on a transatlantic flight once with him – that you really can’t have enough back ups!

So we’re all settled in and have officially obsessed over every detail, so it’s time for the boys to meet!

Getting to meet TJ and seeing the two of them together made my heart melt into a million pieces. Now what to do in Honey Brook, PA? Our first stop was September Farm Cheese. This Amish run shop and restaurant was the perfect stop for some lunch and picking up something to make for dinner, and lots of cheese of course.

Cheese Shop – Done, Up Next, Cows!

The shop stood on the cutest farm with cows, naturally we had to walk over to show them to the boys. Almost a year later Quinn’s favorite animal noise is “Moo” – I wonder if he remembers..

We sat the boys side by side and they were just happy as could be. I love getting to capture some simple moments between them. Storm clouds were starting to roll in, so we headed back to the farmhouse so the boys could nap.

Nap time for babies, wine & cheese plate time for mamas

One of the best parts of this farmhouse, being that we were in Amish country, was getting to watch the horse and buggies fly by the kitchen window. We got the boys asleep in their pack and plays and sat back to reminisce and catch up.

Of course I wasn’t going to let their introduction go by without some matching onesies.

Did we just become best friends?


– “Step Brothers”
Sharing is Caring!

I absolutely love their expressions in this one. Like MOM REALLY, ONE MORE PIC?!

Bath Time!

Little did we know, the best part of this farmhouse would be the double farmhouse sink which led to the cutest bath time I have ever experienced, and ever will experience. Bath time for an 8 month old is constant entertainment, these two could have stayed there for hours splashing and watching the water run!

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I mean….. have you ever seen anything cuter?!

Before the roosters crow, we were up in the morning.

The beautiful sunlight shone in and Q was excited to get up! We put the boys in their Mama’s Boy onesies, because YES one more matching outfit for them, and relaxed as they played on the bed!


It’s memories like these I cannot wait to keep creating. To my amazing friend Lizzie on the front lines through this pandemic, you are a HERO, the most incredible role model to your son and the people around you, I could only aspire to be as selfless as you are every single day, and I love and admire endlessly.

Till the next girls weekend,

xX Morgan

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