Taste Safe Sensory Play – Stunning Rainbow Pasta

We’re on a taste safe sensory play exploration this week! One of the top questions I get are what are taste safe play ideas for mouthing toddlers and play ideas for babies. I’ll start with the safest idea which is very shallow water and some kitchen tools. Also water and oil in a taped downContinue reading “Taste Safe Sensory Play – Stunning Rainbow Pasta”

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22 Craft Ideas With Air Dry Clay.

So much of our sensory play started with this clay. Something I had whipped up in the kitchen and presented to Quinn when he was 17mo and it’s been our lockdown savior! It’s the texture, how it feels in our hands, the bright white of it! Purely magical. Honestly, looking back through our images toContinue reading “22 Craft Ideas With Air Dry Clay.”

Autumn Inspired Toddler Crafts

September is here! We’ve spent the first week diving fully into the autumn spirit with crafts and sensory play. Sharing our favorites from the week to provide some autumn inspiration! Apple Stamping This activity is as simple as cutting an apple in half, setting out some red paint, paper, and diving in! For little hands,Continue reading “Autumn Inspired Toddler Crafts”

Natural Dye with Kids

How to use natural ingredients to dye fabric with kids as young as 18 months old! The natural dyeing obsession started with white kitchen tea towels that were stained and I wasn’t quite ready to part with. I started to do some research to make use of something from around my house to dye theContinue reading “Natural Dye with Kids”

Farmhouse Girls Weekend

TJ & Q “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.” -Unknown I was fortunate enough to make some amazing friends through college. I like to say fate had to do with meeting my husband, and fate must have come into play with meeting my friend Lizzie.Continue reading “Farmhouse Girls Weekend”