Unexpected Recycled Material Easter Egg – Amazing Easter Sensory Play

I love finding new ways to use quirky recycling, especially when it comes to our Easter sensory play!

Easter Sensory Play

Edison Bulb Packaging turned Easter Sensory Play.

It’s never too soon for Easter sensory play. I was so excited to use packaging and turn it into an easter egg for Q to play with. We strung up some backyard bulbs to bring some light to our patio. I caught my husband moments from tossing the packaging into the trash. I didn’t know what I’d do with them at first, but i knew I had to keep them.

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Easter Sensory Play
Easter Sensory Play

Toddlers Love to Color Match.

I had constantly set out matching invitations for Quinn, starting at 18 months old, only recently has be become matching obsessed after he turned two. He’ll see a red shirt sitting in the house and run to grab his firetruck to match to it. Simple invitations like this one promote imaginative play, I’m never quite sure how he’ll choose to explore it.

I started with 3 pieces of packaging.

I used a large piece of craft paper to cut out an egg that would be symmetrical.

I used a black marker to trace the egg shape onto the back of the packaging.

Next, I grabbed a kitchen knife to shave around the packaging following the black line to create the shape of the egg.

Let’s Put the Sensory Egg Together!

Then I hot glued the packaging pieces together. The hot glue will melt the packaging, but watch the video below on how I kept it together.

Once glued together I grabbed some acrylic paint and painting the circles to be a festive polka dot pattern on the egg.

It took about 1 hour to dry.

Once done I set out some rainbow rice, loose parts, and tongs and invited Q to come play.

Easter Sensory Play

If you don’t have packaging like this around, you can easily do the same with a large piece of cardboard and cut up toilet paper rolls ( coming soon! )

More spring sensory ideas here!

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