Easy Dyed Sensory Rice

If you’ve been following along you’ll know how much we love to play with dyed sensory rice around here! This post includes affiliate links. Here are three super easy methods to dye your sensory rice and the pros and cons of each. I introduced dyed sensory rice to Q when he was 18 months oldContinue reading “Easy Dyed Sensory Rice”

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Beautiful Easy Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe

This easy recipe makes for the softest play dough with the texture of ice cream! Your little ones are going to love this! This post includes affiliate links. We Love This Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe! It’s soft, pastel, easy to make, and stores great for MONTHS! I love having Q help while I makeContinue reading “Beautiful Easy Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe”

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14 Amazing St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers

Sharing 14 super fun St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Play ideas! We’ve been having so much fun these past few weeks with St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Play! Sharing below different ideas to incorporate the holiday into your sensory play! The post includes affiliate links. 1. Rainbow Bright St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Play Here’s how this trayContinue reading “14 Amazing St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers”

Easter Craft – Recycled Mosaic Painted Eggs

Let’s kick off spring with an Easter craft! This is the easiest easter craft to set up and crazy engaging for little ones! I’m constantly feeling inspired by recycling. I constantly feel like my husband is reminding me to clear out my stock pile in the basement – but it’s all SO GOOD! A newContinue reading “Easter Craft – Recycled Mosaic Painted Eggs”

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22 Craft Ideas With Air Dry Clay.

So much of our sensory play started with this clay. Something I had whipped up in the kitchen and presented to Quinn when he was 17mo and it’s been our lockdown savior! It’s the texture, how it feels in our hands, the bright white of it! Purely magical. Honestly, looking back through our images toContinue reading “22 Craft Ideas With Air Dry Clay.”

Natural Dye with Kids

How to use natural ingredients to dye fabric with kids as young as 18 months old! The natural dyeing obsession started with white kitchen tea towels that were stained and I wasn’t quite ready to part with. I started to do some research to make use of something from around my house to dye theContinue reading “Natural Dye with Kids”

Oceanside Sensory Activities for Kids

How to pack and plan for easy seaside sensory fun with kids! Q got to spend a weekend with his cousins at the shore and it was his first time around others kids in almost 16 weeks! His first reaction was an ear to ear smile and it completely melted my heart. We’d been havingContinue reading “Oceanside Sensory Activities for Kids”

Halloween Themed First Birthday Party

Quinn turned One! I still can’t believe it. Our sweet boy was born October 16th, 11 days before his due date of the 27th. Halloween is my absolute favorite and I was dreaming about his first birthday party since we found out his due date. Invitations always take me the longest to choose. It wasContinue reading “Halloween Themed First Birthday Party”

DIY Dormer Window Fort

Unused window space turned cozy toddler fort! We’ve lived in Scott Cottage for 5 years now. The upstairs space that the stairs led into I never thought much about. It was an empty space with frames and souvenirs on the shelves where it’s main purpose was a hallway to get to the master bedroom. WeContinue reading “DIY Dormer Window Fort”